Why 82 Great Run Locals later, Suzanne still has the running bug!

By Great Run Team

In 2013, Suzanne Bailey-Cartridge was diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3 breast Cancer and underwent a right sided mastectomy and Lymph node clearance, which has now resulted in Lymphedema in her right arm.

With the cancer being very aggressive, Suzanne had to wait two years for DIEP reconstruction in 2015, which involved moving skin and fat from the tummy and creating a new breast form.  

At this point, Suzanne felt it was time to pursue running and get some sort of fitness back after “the absolute battering” her body had undergone. 

“I had done some running before the Cancer, having entered the Great Manchester Run for 5 years leading up to Cancer and completed a marathon in 2012. After treatment, my fitness was at an all-time low and felt I couldn’t get back into running”

This is when a friend of Suzanne’s told her about Great Run Local at Burrs Country Park.

“She said that there was no pressure from others and that I could walk it if I didn’t feel comfortable running and that everyone would still support me. This was exactly the case!”

However, having got back into enjoying her running, in 2017 Suzanne was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which affects her bowels and energy levels and in 2018 she was further diagnosed with Enteropathic Peripheral Spondyloarthropathy, another auto immune problem which affects the joints.

But this hasn’t stopped her passion for running or supporting others to run and Suzanne credits Great Run Local Burrs Country Park for keeping her motivated.

“Great Run Local Burrs Country Park has really helped me to keep exercising, even on my bad days as I can do as much or as little as I want, still feel a part of something and still feel like I’m keeping on top of my fitness. 

I love the support from everyone in the little community and was even able to give something back recently by helping to marshal when my joints had flared, which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Suzanne has now remarkably completed 82 Great Run Locals and thanks Debbie (GRL Burrs Country Park Event Coordinator) and her fantastic volunteer team for their constant support.

Your running journey has been inspirational Suzanne and we’re rooting for you to reach 100 runs!