Fancy setting up your own Great Run Local?

By Great Run Team

At Great Run Local, we are always looking to increase local running opportunities. If you know of any potential venues that could make great running locations and are interested in getting a weekly event off the ground, please contact us at! It could make a difference to your life and others around you, just ask these guys...

Paul (Great Run Local Birchfields Park)

"I get just as much satsifaction and a sense of achievement volunteering as I do running. It's great seeing a runners fitness and positivity improve to another level"

Tahir (Great Run Local Ley Hill) 

"I love helping people take their first steps on their running journey and watching others progress. I feel that I can share my own running story and people can relate to that from all walks of life."

Rachael (Great Run Local Glasgow Quays)

"I came to Great Run Local in the hope that I would meet friendly, like-minded people and that is exactly what I found. Great Run Local isn't just about running times, it's about enjoying yourself and making sure that your fellow runners are having a good time."