Inspirational Deb!

By Great Run Team

Deb Kelly is a regular runner and volunteer at Great Run Local Gibside who started running in 2014.

Weighing over 20 stone and described by Deb as “unhealthy and heading for a heart attack” she decided to challenge herself and sign up for the 2014 Great North Run, walking the event in 4 hours and 5 minutes.

In early 2015, Deb discovered the Sunday morning run at Great Run Local Gibside and along with friends Julie and Dave, decided to keep running at the event. She has now completed over 40 runs with Great Run Local, with a 2k best of 15:15 and a 5k best of 30:45. Additonally, Deb is a regular volunteer at Gibside, donning the blue marshal jacket most weekends at the event. Here's what she had to say about Great Run Local:

"Running at Gibside is an absolute pleasure – I get to meet like-minded runners of all abilities who enjoy some stunning views while supporting each other to make those small improvements. In recent months I have been able to take my 4 year old granddaughter with me. She can be as slow or as fast as she wants to be and the team will be there to cheer her home. Every marshal and helper does it for the love of running, the passion for Great Run Local and the desire to help and support other runners. Sunday just isn't Sunday without a Great Run Local run!”

Having completed last year's Great North Run in a time of 02:27:25, Deb aims to beat this time this September, one week after completing a 22 miler from Carnarvon Castle, to the top Snowdon and back down the other side!

Best of luck Deb, we'll be rooting for you!