Chris Bids Farewell to Great Run Local

By Great Run Team

Chris has been with us right from the start of our Great Run Local journey, when he took on the role of event coordinator at our inaugural event, Great Run Local Wythenshawe Park in January 2013. Since then, Chris has seen almost 19,000 finishers at his event! We caught up with Chris to ask him about his time at Great Run Local:

How did you first get into running?  I first got into running when I joined a gym in my twenties. One of the country's oldest clubs, Manchester YMCA Harrriers, was based there and I started going out for short runs with them and never looked back!
What made you take on the role as event coordinator? Having started running again after a long period out, I stumbled across Great Run Local through a google search. After running a few times, I got talking to the local organiser who persuaded me to help out on a regular basis. It was great to be able to put something back into running after benefitting from events myself over the years.

What's your most memorable moment?  My most memorable moment at Great Run Local is when our community of runners reached the fundraising target to purchase a defibrillator at Wythenshawe Park. It was really humble to see the community pulling together for such a great cause.
What is the event's biggest achievement? I think the event's biggest achievement of our event is that we attract such a diverse group of participants. It is particularly pleasing to see the number of families with young children who participate together at the event.
What is your favourite part of Great Run Local Wythenshawe Park? I just love watching people cross the finish line, sharing their sense of achievement and getting to chat with them after the run.

Why would you recommend Great Run Local to others? I would recommend GRL to others because it allows runners of all abilities the chance to participate in a friendly and supportive environment.
What will you be spending your free weekend time doing? I’ll still be involved in running, but getting up at the early hours to tackle some long runs in the hills. I’ll then be spending time with my son, watching him play football on a Sunday morning.
We’d like to thank Chris for all his hard work and support throughout the past five years. It’s been a pleasure and you’ll be sorely missed - although we’ve no doubt you’ll still be a regular face at Wythenshawe Park!