Buddy Up

By Great Run Team

Buddy Up

"The run seems shorter when shared with a friend." Even if that means getting lost in conversation when walking, jogging or running a 2k, 5k or a greater distance, having someone by your side can certainly make the time go faster. Here are some reasons why you should #BuddyUp at your next Great Run Local: 

It's a social outlet - some people may view running as a drudge, but having someone to run alongside who you can share your stories from the day or week with will make the activity a pleasure and something to look forward to!

You can improve your running form - people love to share their running experiences. A running partner can share what has and hasn't worked for them and can also point out your running stride and offer advice on how to improve it. 

Prevent flakiness - whether you're feeling tired, hungover or you've got 'too much to do' you won't want to disappoint your friend by being a no show. Having a running partner will bring consistency to your running routine.

Motivation! - When you're not on your strongest form, a running buddy will be there to give you a pep talk or help boost your morale to get you through the run. On top of that, your performance is also likely to increase through healthy competition as you and your partner challenge each other through every kilometre.

So Buddy Up at your next Great Run Local and enjoy your running experience with someone else!