An exciting journey for runners of all abilities...



What is Great Run Local?

A national network of free, weekly, friendly running events organised by fantastic volunteers.


What is the aim of Great Run Local?

Great Run Local’s aim is to increase participation through free, enjoyable running events.

We believe that all communities should have the opportunity to organise weekly events that suit their needs. Our runs offer different distances (often 2k and 5k) to encourage participation, can take place on any day of the week, at any time of the day and will always be supported by trained first aiders and organised by volunteers from the local community. Our events are backed by a not-for-profit foundation. Please email if you are interested in organising your own event or becoming a volunteer.


What are the objectives of Great Run Local? 

- To provide a regular running opportunity for runners of all abilities and ages
- To provide a safe, welcoming event for beginners and non-runners
- To provide a local opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their fitness with others
- To encourage participation in other running and sporting events


How far is the run?

Our distances are flexible but we generally offer two distances at each event. A 2km and 5km run caters for beginners and established runners. Most people can walk the 2k distance in around the same time as the 5k is run.


What are the benefits?

Great Run Local provides a fantastic opportunity for non-runners and beginners to get started in running. The 2km option provides a shorter starter option for beginners who can then progress to the 5km distance over time.

All our events provide a social start and finish area for participants to meet new people, interact with other runners, share their stories and offer encouragement to each other. The weekly runs provide participants with the opportunity to attend frequently and maintain the fitness benefits associated with running regularly.

The website holds times and number of runs completed so runners can track their progress if they wish. Website badges are awarded for achieving key milestones of number of runs achieved (20, 50, 100, 150, 200, etc).


When are runs held?

Each run is held weekly – see the website for details of the day and time of each run.

Occasionally a run has to be cancelled due to other local events in the park or on the course – see website for details, and some runs have a presence on Facebook and/or Twitter that provides the latest information.


Great Run Local Social Media

There’s a Facebook page and Twitter feed for Great Run Local overall.
Some Great Run Locals have set up their own Facebook and Twitter accounts - search for ‘Great Run Local’.


Under-16s and Young Children

Under-16s must be accompanied by a supervising adult at Great Run Local events. Children under the age of 5 cannot participate.

The aim of Great Run Local is fun and participation. We find youngsters will continue to take part if they enjoy the run rather than being pushed for a personal best - they will do that themselves when they’re ready! Also youngsters should take care not to run the 5k distance on too many consecutive weeks, especially during growth spurts. If in doubt, why not alternate between the 2k & 5k events every week? We hope this will lead to youngsters taking part in all sports and activities in later life, and encourage the next generation too!



Great Run Local uses unique award-winning wristband technology to register and time runners. Wear your wristband and ‘tap’ at the finish on a volunteer’s phone to record your run and receive a text message – your run will be recorded on the Great Run Local website.

Please always run with your wristband – to record your time, win badges and for your own safety.

The unique Great Run Local wristband, phone app and website technology received The Big Chip industry award in July 2014 for innovation and user experience – see here.

Wristbands are provided free of charge to all our participants and volunteers. Unfortunately we have to charge the cost-price of £10.00 for replacement wristbands, payable to the not-for-profit ‘Great Run Local Foundation’. All proceeds will be used to start up new Great Run Local events.

Please allow up to 5 working days for delivery of your wristband once you’ve registered on the website – then you can use the wristband at any event in the future.


Not for Profit

Great Run Local events are organised by fabulous local volunteers, and the Great Run Local Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. The Foundation receives support from its partners Great Run, British Red Cross, England Athletics, local councils and local volunteers.

Great Run is a series of world-leading events, including the world’s largest Half-Marathon, the Great North Run, which has more than 57,000 runners annually.

British Athletics, England Athletics and Scottish Athletics support Great Run Local as part of its programme to increase running participation across the nation.

We take the safety of our runners and volunteers very seriously. British Red Cross provides first-aid training to Great Run Local volunteers, so we can ensure that a trained first-aider is present at every event.

Great Run Local is currently supported by the following councils and other organisations:


  • Birmingham City Council
  • Bury Council
  • Manchester City Council
  • Salford City Council
  • Glasgow City Council/Glasgow Life
  • Gateshead City Council
  • Suffolk County Council/Suffolk Sport
  • Trafford Council
  • The National Trust

Great Run Local is also supported by local athletics and running clubs/groups, who provide many volunteers for our events. We encourage runners to join local running, athletics and other sports clubs to further their enjoyment.


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